This is the very best Alaska Bald Eagle photography tour / workshop hands down! Join me and Robert O’Toole next March 2016 for a very memorable 4 day Bald Eagle tour in Alaska. The workshop spot is located close to Homer, in an area where there are a lot of fishing boats. Because of this, the Bald Eagles of the area are very curious and come close to each boat. This photography tour is a mix of land and boat expeditions. With only a 70-200mm, you will be able to photograph the Eagles while flying, banking and diving for fish. You will get very close! All images below are compliment Robert O’Toole.

Alaska Bald Eagle - Photography tour

Bald Eagle fishing – Homer area, Alaska
ISO 400 | f/8 | 1/1600 sec. | Nikon D700 at 350mm

Since you will see the Bald Eagles diving with numerous swoops over the water, there will be many opportunities for close up flights above the water surface with wings up. I find the image above quite amazing, with astonishing symmetry! For those who have followed some of my awarded images, I tend to do very well with photographs depicting the properties of the one above.

Alaska Bald Eagle - Photography workshop

Bald Eagle banking in flight – Homer area, Alaska
ISO 400 | f/5.6 | 1/800 sec. | Nikon D700 at 300mm

While the birds will often come close to check out the boat, you will see and photograph fantastic aerial displays. The banking image above is just one of many poses you are very likely to be able to create! The Bald Eagles will fly around and perform beautiful banks during their sharp turns. With tips from two premiere instructors, you will be put in the best situation, at the best time.

Alaska Bald Eagle - Photo tour

Close encounters are common

How close is that! Note only you will get very close to your subjects, but most people obtain wonderful results at fairly small ranges. No need for a 600mm to be successful there, making this photography workshop very attractive to all 🙂

Used gear for sale!

Canon EF 300mm f/4 L IS

I am putting my 300mm for sale at $950. Quite a saving versus the price in store for a lens in mint condition that delivers pro results for a very small price. You may contact me by email at if you are interested 🙂

Alaska Bald Eagle instructional photography tour / $3900 / limit 5 people / March 20th-24th 2016:

Contact me at for questions and reservations. $1,950 non refundable deposit to book your spot.

Photography Workshop - Alaska Bald Eagles 2016

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