Florida Bird Photography Tours & Fine Art

Join international award-winning bird photography artist, Steven Blandin, to an educational photography tour in Florida and Alaska. Discover Fine Art high end pieces to adorn your walls, or invest in crypto NFTs with the unique crypto bird art collection.

In-the-field instructional bird photo workshops are the very best way to bring your bird photography to the next level. Your tour leader will teach you at every step how to create fantastic bird photographs. You will become an expert in exposure, sharpness and artistic framing by following Steven’s patient instructions. Accompanying in-the field tips, you will benefit from top notch digital photography editing techniques and photo critique sessions. Plus, from the unforgettable Florida Spoonbills photo tour to the best location for creating images of nesting Ospreys in their natural habitat, you will come back home with absolutely memorable pictures. Take a peek at the upcoming Florida and Alaska bird photography workshops, and join a safari of a lifetime.

Florida Spoonbills photography tour

If you want to have a chance to photograph Roseate Spoonbills in flight during breeding season, this is it! This two day bird photography workshop includes three boat rides to get close to the biggest Spoonbill rookery in Florida. The Tampa Bay Spoonbill rookery is also the biggest bird rookery in the state of Florida, with many other species represented. We will do image critiques and I will demonstrate Photoshop image optimization techniques during lunch time.

Florida Ospreys / Spoonbills mix photography workshop

In this tour, get fairly close to Ospreys nesting in the trees. We will shoot on a boat, along a lake where the nests are situated at low heights. This is the ultimate location to photograph Ospreys in their natural habitat! This is becoming harder to find as many natural nests have been replaced by man made poles in wildlife reserves around Florida. And best of all, this tour is combined with the best land based Spoonbills rookery shoot.

Florida Black Skimmers colony photo tour

This is a very reliable colony that gets together every Summer along the Florida West coast beach. Are you looking to photograph Black Skimmers skimming in the shallow waters? Search no further! Plus, you get up close with cuddly baby chicks. And did I mention a highly likely Reddish Egret dancing in the surf?

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