April 20th-21st, 2024 => 5 people – $1490

Florida Ospreys/Spoonbills Mix Photography Workshop

This bird photography tour will take you to an amazing location to photograph Ospreys in their natural habitat on a Cypress trees lake near Vero Beach, Florida. You will be able to shoot images of nesting birds from fairly close. For the most part, we will shoot from a boat. There will also be one morning at a nearby Spoonbills rookery, where we will shoot on land. The workshop consists of two boat rides (Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon) to the Osprey nests, one morning shoot at the nearby Spoonbills rookery and one working lunch. Only five participants so that everybody has room to shoot on the boat!

Florida Ospreys Photography Tour - 1

Ospreys nesting in their natural habitat

This bird photography tour will take you East of Orlando, to a lake surrounded by Cypress trees. There are more than 200 Osprey nests along the shore of this unique lake. Additionally, many nests are located fairly low and you will have an unbeatable vista over the nesting activities. This is also one of the few spots where you may observe the birds in their natural habitat. Nowadays, too many times, you will see Osprey nests on top of human made poles.

Florida Osprey Tour - In The Greens            Florida Osprey Tour - Fluffing

The perfect conditions to photograph Ospreys

Photographing under those conditions present many opportunities for flight photography, as well as Ospreys carrying fish in their talents. As the birds come back to the nest to share their catches, you will be placed in ideal situations to capture the action while observing the natural behavior of those beautiful raptors.

Florida Osprey Tour - With A Catch            Florida Osprey Tour - Catch Of Three Fish

The best land based shoot for Florida Spoonbills!

Nearby the Cypress trees lake, there is simply put, the best land based location to photograph Spoonbills in breeding colors. The rookery is located on a small island, easily photographed from the shore. Many birds fly in and out to pick up nesting material, offering many opportunities for spectacular landings.

Florida Ospreys Spoonbills Mix Photography Tour - Spoonbill in flight
Spoonbill banking in flight

The Osprey & Spoonbills workshop cost

$1390 for the best Osprey in their natural habitat photography tour! You need to make a $250 deposit to hold your spot.
What is included:

  • 2 boat rides (1 morning & 1 afternoon)
  • boat Captain tips
  • 1 morning shoot at the Spoonbills rookery
  • 1 lunch
  • image critique and Photoshop image optimization tutorials during lunch breaks with interactive help on whichever need you have
  • in-the-field bird photography instruction from your favorite award-winning bird photographer

What is not included:

  • airfare
  • hotel
  • meals other than lunches
Florida Ospreys & Spoonbills Tour
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