Bird Photography Tours_Testimonials_1I have photographed eagles in other places in Alaska for many years but the Alaska Bald Eagle tour provided the best opportunity for a wide variety of photographs of anywhere I have been. The possibilities were endless. It was also my 2nd trip with Steven and he is the consummate professional. The photography workshop was well planned and organized. His first thought and last thought is always “did his customers get the very best shot?”. I highly recommend traveling with him whether you be an amateur or professional. I guarantee you will learn something. — Larry T.

Steven, thank you so much for the Alaska Bald Eagle Trip. It was absolutely wonderful. The location was perfect. The birds were so cooperative! The venues were stunning … snow-capped mountains, tidal bars and flats, rocky outcrops, and more. You were the perfect host. You got us to the right place at the right time, pointing us in the right direction. But, you didn’t hover over us or leave us completely alone. Your understanding of bird behavior is amazing. The discussion helped us to understand not only what worked, but why. Your patience with our questions was admirable, particularly during the Photoshop discussions. Finally, I’m still a “beginner,” with modest equipment. Yet, I am so pleased with the results. Nowhere else have I gotten so many wonderful images in such a short time. Thank you!. — Bill C.

Florida Bird Photography Tours_Testimonials_4As a multi-time participant in your photography workshops, both in a group format and in a private format, I have been thrilled with the quality of your teaching. You have helped me greatly recognize superior nature photography situations and placed me in the path of success many times. I am delighted with the results I have been able to achieve thanks to your directions and I am looking forward to further improving my nature action/flight photography skills as I will keep participate in your bird photography tours for sure! Plus, time flies when we are having fun. — Ejaz K.

Florida Bird Photography Tours_TestimonialsI went on Mr Blandin’s tour, and I have to say that i was totally impressed. After 2 days I felt that I learned things that would have taken years . figure out. I look at birds different then I use to. I highly encourage anyone to give it a try. You wont be sorry. — Stevie G.

Steven, I want to reserve a place in your May 2017 Spoonbill Tour! Last month’s tour was better than I could have imagined. I have tried to photograph spoonbills around Florida and south Georgia for some time, but this experience beat them all! During the first morning I had more opportunities for good pictures than in all of my earlier efforts combined. I am so pleased with what I accomplished! I expected the spoonbill rookery to be wonderful, and it was. Yet, I probably learned more from the sessions at Fort DeSoto. I may have been the least experienced member of our group, but you worked with us all as much as we wanted or needed. Your advice on how to observe and interpret the birds’ behavior was spot on. Thank you so much!! — Bill C.

Workshop TestimonialI just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed going to the spoonbill rookery with you. You were extremely generous with your time and knowledge. Your patience in showing me the techniques involved in photographing birds in flight is much appreciated and I learned a lot. Additionally, your love of photography and teaching are immediately obvious and infectious. All the best and I would wholeheartedly recommend your bird workshops to photographers of any level. I hope to be able to do another of your tours in the future. — Patty G.

I appreciate the variety and organization of your 2 day spoonbill workshop. When you only have a short time and live in New England, it is nice to get a selection of birds we don’t get to see. For two days you put us in the best position in great places we would not have been able to access otherwise and it really paid off. Having an agenda and sticking to it really optimized our time and your attention to everyone in the group ensured that we got the images we were looking for, a real trick since everyone is trying to get something different. Your style of teaching/sharing without hovering was much appreciated. I look forward to taking another workshop with you soon. — Carole W.
I recently completed a three-day bird photography workshop with Steven – two days in a group and one private day. It was an excellent experience and I found Steve to be very tuned in to the needs of his clients. He also was very helpful with processing images after we had finished shooting. I would highly recommend any wildlife photography workshop with him. — Dennis M.

Spoonbill Photography Tour_Testimonials

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