Please take action! The Florida Wildlife Commission and the Audubon Florida are attempting to restrict YOUR access to Florida birds by implementing boundaries around pristine public nature sites and rookeries. Sign the petition here: and contact the FWC commissioners directly here: We need to hear your voice. Otherwise a small minority will limit the freedom of the majority.

Great White Egret - Preserve access to Florida Wildlife

Plus, it is very misleading to let us believe that limiting our access to bird rookeries is going to help preserve nature. The solution is not to hide the beauty of the World, but to show it!! As well as educate the World. I firmly believe that photographers do a magnificent job at this!!!!!!!

Great White Egret - Preserve access to Florida bird rookeries

The bird rookeries of St Augustine Alligator Farm and Gatorland in Orlando offer extremely close access to the bird nests and those rookeries have been VERY successful in growing our bird population in Florida. This is the proof that getting close is not damaging to nature, on the contrary!! Making the common people aware and enjoy nature is the best way to protect nature. How do we want our kids to seek to preserve nature if they are not expose to it while growing up? PLEASE HELP!!

Note that I usually do not get political, but this attempt of a minority to limit the freedom of the majority is too hard to swallow. Your freedom will be violated if you do not take action!

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Florida Spoonbill photography tour

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  1. Janet Mattix


    Congratulations, Steven! Awesome photography, thanks for sharing. Jan

  2. Mihir Kalyani


    dear sir
    I can’t more tell u because I m beginner photographer just I say .
    u r a born to win what a art what a photography the world is beautiful and the victim is your photography.

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