2019 was rich in good results at top competitions: two final round images at the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, three images in semi-finals at the Nature’s Best competition, one commended image at the BTO Bird Photographer of the Year and a silver medal at the Photographic Society of America competition, among other recognitions. πŸ™‚ Note that there are still two open spots for the March 28-29 2020 Osprey tour. Would you like to join?

Hunters In White - Steven Blandin
“Hunters In White” – Two Snowy Egrets hunting side by side

With a silver medal at the Photographic Society of America competition and being Commended at the BTO Bird Photographer of the Year competition, “Hunters In White” is my best performing image this year! I am very proud of those two Snowy Egrets hunting side by side. I really love the white on white effect, which requires very precise exposure under a cloudy sky. The two birds side by side action is a real treat.

FPP Degree
Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence (FDPE)

After having earned more than 30 merits at the yearly Florida Professional Photographers competition, I am now the owner of the prestigious Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence. This is a very nice addition to the Master of Photography from the Professional Photographers of America association. It took me quite a few years to get those two degrees and I learned a ton in the process! Those associations cater to all kind of professional photographers: portrait, wedding, architecture, landscape, wildlife, etc… They tend to promote top notch photographic artistry, well beyond the mere documentary aspect that is often seen in wildlife photography. Those associations nourished a lot of my inspiration those past years.

The beautiful lady in red is my wife Judy!! πŸ™‚ I owe many of my accomplishments to her support and love.

Hunters In White - Cafe Barbosso
Hunters In White at Cafe Barbosso

“Hunters In White” and five other pieces are currently being exhibited at Cafe Barbosso ( https://www.cafebarbosso.com/ ) in Sarasota. Come check it out if you are in the vicinity. It is a delicious Italian cuisine restaurant, owned by Joe Dimaggio Jr. Joe is top notch chef who cooks in front of you: reservation needed for this. Tell him I sent you! πŸ™‚

Florida Ospreys Photography Tour – $1,490

March 28th-29th 2020 / limit 5 people – 2 openings

Florida Osprey Photography Tour

3 boat rides on a pristine cypress trees lake. Many nests are at eye level, allowing shooting from up close in a natural habitat. No big lens needed! An ideal setup for beginners… 2 working lunch sessions with lunch included. $300 deposit. Send me an email at steven@stevenbirdphotography.com

Florida Spoonbills Photography Tour – $1,390

February 22nd-23rd 2020 / limit 6 people – Full

May 2nd-3rd 2020 / limit 6 people – Full

Florida Spoonbills Photography Workshop

2 working lunches and 3 boat rides to the absolute best rookery to photograph spoonbills with breeding colors. $250 deposit. Send me an email at steven@stevenbirdphotography.com to be added to the early contact list for 2021!

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