Yes! I am launching a Crypto NFT collection for bird art. Check out the initial offer, which is a great way to invest in crypto currency and digital art. This might be a new concept for many, but it looks like the art world is heading that way with some recent high price tag sales around the World šŸ™‚

Courtship Flight - Crypto Digital Bird Art NFT
“Courtship Flight” – Crypto Digital Bird Art NFT

With NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), you get the opportunity to become the sole owner of a piece of digital art with the title of ownership stored as a blockchain, and for all to see. It gives a unique sense of exclusivity to the owner and many private collectors or investors are starting to heavily invest in the crypto digital art. In the case above, you would own a unique jpg file of 6865 pixels in its longest side.

Angry Bird - Crypto Digital Bird Art NFT
“Angry Bird” – Crypto Digital Bird Art NFT

The Crypto Digital Bird Art collection displays digital painting renderings of award-winning images. The pieces are available in their highest existing resolution, allowing large size prints to adorn your walls.

Pink Speed - Crypto Digital Bird Art NFT
“Pink Speed” – Crypto Digital Bird Art NFT

The piece above is a digital painting rendering of a slow shutter speed image creation. Note the two beautiful subjects and the striking green streaks created by the mangrove trees in the background.

Skimmers Colony Photography Tour – $1,090

June 26th-27th 2021 / limit 4 people – 1 open

Black Skimmers colony photography tour teaser

Receive a full refund up to one week prior to the tour in case of COVID-19 issues! 3 shoots and 1 over-the-shoulder Photoshop tutoring to a unique Florida Black Skimmers colony along the beach. $250 deposit. Limited to 4 participants until social distancing guidelines loosen. Send me an email at .

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